Goatbarn Lane

Goatbarn Lane    |   Boulder, Colorado

Nestled among boulders and pines, Goatbarn Lane sits quietly in its stunning Rocky Mountain landscape. Designed by Renée del Gaudio Architecture and built by Coburn, this award-winning residence highlights the “power of less” by focusing on simple forms. The orderly, exposed structure fosters a calm and clear connection with its natural surroundings, while its cantilevered viewing platform offers breathtaking views from the forest to the snow-capped peaks. These connections to place create a rich feeling of abundance in only 1,860 square feet of living space.

The home is net-zero electric, operating with a 4kW photo-voltaic array located on the roof. High efficiency electric appliances, 100% LED lighting on dimmers, and abundant natural light minimize electric consumption. The carport is wired for electric vehicle charging.