Memorable Places

From new urbanist developments to commercial centers to neighborhoods that feel like home, Coburn has been creating memorable places for over 20 years.

Coburn has planned award-winning and successful projects that include residential, mixed-use, urban infill and commercial users. Coburn’s open approach to design and master planning allows room for creative exploration and investigation into each project’s unique opportunities and challenges. These explorations, mixed with the client’s vision, help us create flexible, economically feasible masterplans that can add value not only to the properties involved, but to the end-users’ lives.

The Coburn team has extensive experience organizing and weaving buildings, streets, landscaping, pedestrians, bikes, cars, and infrastructure into an intelligent, authentic and sustainable urban fabric – one that residents are proud to call “home.” We design “complete streets”, greenways, parks, homes, commercial buildings and infrastructure to work in sensible, thoughtful harmony – resulting in more livable, walkable and sustainable places.