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Coburn has been providing distinctive, cutting-edge design solutions for over two decades in Colorado’s Front Range and beyond. One of the region’s premier boutique architecture and planning firms, we have completed award-winning designs spanning a wide range of project types, from historic single family home remodels to 10-acre mixed-use urban developments. 

Our singular design approach allows concepts to arise from the site context, the program and the client’s vision, affording unique solutions for every project. Our designs draw consistent praise from clients, municipalities, and end users in large part because they are place-based – responding directly to the immediate context and environment.

With nearly 30 years of experience working directly with Coburn’s in-house construction department, our architects and planners have assembled a knowledge base usually reserved for contractors and construction consultants. This results in an integrated approach, wherein the considerations of budget and constructability are incorporated into the project at its inception, creating a more cost- and time-efficient result without compromising the design. Our in-house Planning and Sustainability Services further this concept, allowing us to take an integrated approach for all aspects of each project from the outset.

Coburn has gained a reputation as an exceptional architecture and planning firm due to our marriage of relentless creativity, diverse experience base, and dedication to satisfying the full set of project criteria from the outset. We have developed a design process and team that defies conventional classification and enables us to create inspiring and practical solutions for any type of project in any type of location.