Commons    |   Boulder, Colorado

The proposed project, The Commons, consists of two commercial buildings on the remaining two vacant lots in the Steel Yards to the east of Junction Place. This project will create a commercial development that is highly sustainable, provides engaging active uses along the ground level, and incorporates mobility connections appropriate to the transit-rich Boulder Junction. The form of the building creates a buffer for the rail lines to the east, a transition to the residential and mixed-use buildings to the west, and is optimized for solar and daylighting opportunities. The project will incorporate a variety of community based elements including a mobility hub, a gallery that can also function as a community room, a planned coffee shop to engage the central plaza, and a restaurant focused to the south. In order to extend the transit connections to the next level in Boulder Junction, the project incorporates its own “mobility hub” (including a car share program and B-Cycle station), routes the eastern bike path through the center of the project to join with the multi-modal Junction Place, and is compatible with future bus and rail stop connections. The south end of the building, abutting the Goose Creek Greenway, creates a prime location for public interaction and gathering, and is planned to be a restaurant space. This will capitalize on the axis created by the diagonal bridge over Goose Creek, creating a visual termination with public interest as Junction Place turns north. The northern building will be approximately 60,000 sf with 70 underground parking spaces, including designated car share spaces; and the southern building will be approximately 40,000 sf. The project is intended to be designed to a LEED platinum standard as a minimum, but will likely exceed that metric.