Sustainable Design

Our Integrated Sustainability Services allow us to incorporate green methods and intentions into our projects in an exacting and intelligent manner.

We take a holistic approach to sustainability, and can balance the divergent and often contradictory desires of different elements. We tailor our projects and their parts to meet the particular needs of each individual client, and we know that the sustainability efforts appropriate for each different project are unique.

We provide LEED and Green Communities consulting, design overview, and compliance services. We have assisted the City of Boulder in determining appropriate commercial building codes. We have assisted communities in the development of residential green building codes, and have completed in-depth research studies on construction techniques and their relationship to energy efficiency. We are well-versed in sustainable lighting design and mechanical systems, passive and active solar design, indoor air quality, resource use and construction methods.

Coburn works with a variety of partners to provide extensive and technical data analysis including HERS ratings, building modeling and other analysis to assist in system selection. Our particular skill is in balancing these multiple elements, ensuring that the systems placed in your buildings are appropriate for the goals and needs of each particular situation.

We strongly believe that sustainability should be incorporated into a building from the outset, not forced onto a project later. Our unique design process and integrated “green” knowledge affords this opportunity and allows our projects to have a holistic union of sustainability elements and desires.

We are committed to making great places. Designing health, responsibility and energy-efficiency into our architecture from the beginning is a critical step in
that effort.